Comfort Human

Comfort Human® is a nonprofit organization that takes a unique approach to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. The focus is not on research, prevention, or caregivers. There are many organizations already doing that. Rather, my focus is on the area given little attention: improving the mental health and social wellness of the person living with dementia. 

Therefore, I'm excited to be leading the following initiatives:

1. Toy Baby Dolls (Dalz), which started in 2020. It was initially a way to help residents of some nursing facilities in the U.S. hardest hit by coronavirus cope with their depression and loneliness during quarantine isolation. However, I'm still actively supplying baby dolls to and hope to keep growing this effort, as a longtime goal has been to give all Alzheimer's/dementia residents of care facilities who can benefit from a toy doll one to call their own. To read more, click here.

2. Pen Palz, which began in 2019 as a "pen pal" program. I make handmade greeting cards for the Alzheimer's/dementia residents in memory care units and assisted living facilities. Sometimes I even have help from students, and it's awesome to see their heartfelt designs! The same residents receive a card each month, which includes touch/sensory therapy elements, such as buttons. To read more, click here

3. Military Veteran Initiative, coming in 2022.

Separate from those initiatives, the creative division of Comfort Human focuses on innovative ways to raise awareness through original content. This has included the book Conversations With Alzheimer's, a collection of sage advice and honest truths about life, love, and aging from those with Alzheimer's/dementia. In addition to their humorous and thought-provoking quotes, the book also takes the reader through a simple technique that can be duplicated to improve their own verbal interaction with them. Learn more here.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions or would like to donate supplies, please reach out to!

Tori Tellem

Founder, Comfort Human


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