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Podcast: Alzheimer's, the Nonprofit Comfort Human, and Anthony Morrison

Updated: Mar 25

Anthony Morrison is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs out there, so it's always a treat to catch an interview with him, since his Brit wit is second to none. But...to hear him talk about Comfort Human during a recent podcast, See & Free Studio with Jennifer Longnion? Such a surreal surprise with a huge burst of gratitude! Just...wow! ComfortHuman.org efforts for #alzheimers and #dementia will strive to live up to his praise!

From See & Free Studio:

See & Free Studio, Season 2 Episode 13 with renowned stylist and Bravo’s Shear Genius winner Anthony Morrison

Proud West Londoner Anthony Morrison knew he wanted to be a hairdresser at age 8. That dream not only became a reality, but he became one of the most renowned stylists in the World as winner of Bravo’s inaugural season of Shear Genius and as a member of TLC’s “Glam Squad” on 10 Years Younger. It is no surprise that Anthony’s USD is to make every day better than the day before and to make everyone’s life brighter and more beautiful. Anthony uses his creative talents to create a unique space and community where his customers have an unforgettable experience. He’s done just that with The Londoner Salon in Hermosa Beach, where he’s modeled the salon after an English tea garden as LA’s first and only Open (H)air Salon - something that made The Londoner one of the most coveted salons to visit during the pandemic. Come learn about Anthony, his USD, and his commitment to Comfort Human - a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding people suffering with Alzheimer’s.


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