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Toy Baby Dolls Help Those with Alzheimer's and Dementia with Covid-19 Loneliness

Updated: Mar 25

Quarantine isolation has been a challenging time for each of us, but it has been particularly difficult—not to mention confusing and scary—for the Alzheimer's and dementia residents at care facilities. No more social interaction, no more ability to wander, no more hugs, no more visits from friends and family. For their own health and safety, it has generally required keeping them within their own secure room for not only sleeping, but eating and living, too. Their routines, gone. Familiar faces also gone, replaced by personal protection equipment such as masks.

I wanted to respond with the method I have seen work firsthand: sensory/touch therapy. I'd seen doll therapy in action long before the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of those with Alzheimer's and dementia find comfort in holding a "baby"they have something to care for, to hug, to talk to, and to be responsible for. Also, it's something that is theirs.

I am actively supplying baby dolls to the Alzheimer's and dementia residents of some of the hardest-hit nursing facilities in the U.S.deemed as such due to a high outbreak or because they have been designated a Covid-19 receiving center—as well as low-income nursing homes.

Want to help? Click and buy one, for under $15 (some can be had for $9.99)! NOTE: I have no relationship with the doll companies or the nursing homes listed or Amazon—I am only trying to solve a problem and help point us in a direction to start to help our seniors.

Pick any state you'd like below or send one to your relative or a facility near you! Shipping a new doll meets the CDC guidelines.

Thank you for helping make being alone feel a bit less alone!


CALIFORNIA: Redwood Springs Healthcare Center, Visalia, 15 dolls


MICHIGAN: Villa at Great Lakes Crossing, Detroit, 15 dolls


NEW YORK: Harris Hill Nursing Facility, Williamsville, 20-30 dolls


PENNSYLVANIA: Fair Acres Geriatric Center, Media, 12 dolls


TEXAS: Trinity Care Center, Round Rock, 25 dolls


ILLINOIS: Covenant Living at Windsor Park, Carol Stream, 10 dolls


I picked Amazon because I found their pricing to be cheaper than Target and Walmart, but don't let that stop you if you have a preferred store that can ship. All you have to do is click and buy (feel free to send more than one doll if you're inspired), and off it will go directly to the activities director for that facility.

(How a facility came to be in its current situation in this pandemic is not my main focus; this outreach is for Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers most in need, regardless of back story.)

If these states and facilities do not appeal to you, drop me a line at info@comforthuman.org and I can help find another for you, or you can search your area for a nursing home with a memory-care unit. If you have a friend or relative in a memory-care facility—or even at home with a caretaker—consider skipping this list of facilities entirely and instead shipping a doll directly to that person (ship a new doll versus used due to packaging and a clean product entering the facility's fragile environment).

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